Measuring Temperature From PT100 Using Arduino

I posted another Instructable, this time about reading the temperature from PT100 using an instrumentation and differential amplifier. There’s abundance of LM35 temperature measurement on the site so decided to post about the PT100, might come in handy for the students doing Instrumentation in my college in the future. Also gave Autodesk’s new a try, to see what its like. It lets you build circuits on a breadboard and simulate them, it can also simulate Arduino code but slowed the simulation down. It doesn’t let you add components to the circuit diagram, only the breadboard mode and because you can only move things in the circuit diagram it didn’t look as nice or as clear as what I built on LTspice. But the breadboard does look nice and is good for showing the circuit layout to beginners that can’t read circuit diagrams. My circuit  can be found here. It also lets you embed the simulation onto your Instructables post but it wouldn’t embed here.


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