Cycflix: Exercise Powered Entertainment

Cheesy title, I know but it got you to click. Basically this project uses an Arduino Nano connected to a stationary exercise bike to control the streaming of Netflix on a PC, I tried to get it to work with just a Raspberry Pi but I ran into problems with finding a browser which could stream Netflix on the Pi and controlling said browser with selenium. On Firefox, you need the Widevine extension which isn’t supported on the Pi so it couldn’t stream Netflix, I found a Chromium browser someone made especially for streaming Netflix on the Pi but Google stopped supporting the Chromedriver on the Pi so I couldn’t control it. I did find an old chromedriver but I couldn’t get it to work.

Here’s is the link  to the Instructables post detailing how I made it

10 thoughts on “Cycflix: Exercise Powered Entertainment

  1. […] When you decide to relax and watch Netflix, the last thing that’s usually on your mind is working out. Or maybe it is, but likely in the sense that you should be doing something more productive. In order to make sure he exercises along with his entertainment, engineering student Ronan Byrne (aka “Roboro”) set up his exercise bike for Netflix control. […]


    • Hi Steve,

      You could wire up a circuit to control the power to the TV if you wanted it to work with anything you’re watching but this has been done before. Also I wanted to take a new spin to it

      I’m currently working on improving it, making it more compact and a few other things


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